A Woman’s Guide to Spending Less on Clothes

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Most women love to shop, whether for clothes, shoes, bags, or jewelry. While there is nothing wrong with pampering yourself now and then by buying the things that make you happy, there are instances wherein you might find yourself short on budget.

In these cases, it is important that you know smart ways how to get what you want without spending a lot. Do not let clothes shopping take a big bite out of your budget by knowing how to be a smart buyer.

Shop Off-Season

Shopping for clothes does not mean that you are just splurging on unnecessary things. Sometimes, there is an actual need to shop, especially for seasonal clothing pieces. After all, you cannot wear your summer outfits during the winter season, and vice versa.

Therefore, our first thrifty tip is to shop for seasonal wearables during the off-season. You might think that this is a strange idea, especially since logic dictates that we should only buy clothes when we need them most. However, the truth is buying clothes a few months before you have to wear them can give you a financial advantage over other consumers.

Say, winter is coming in a couple of months. It is a good idea to start buying winter clothing right now since the prices are most likely marked down. You will get to enjoy discounts and sales at this time of the year compared to buying during peak season. Practically speaking, you will be able to save more since the demand for these clothes is lower during this time, so the prices are most likely low as well.

But, where will you buy clothes for another season, you ask? Most malls and shopping centers do not sell clothing lines for other seasons yet, so it is best to visit online retailers or stores. These brands usually have their entire collection displayed on their pages at any point of the year. To start, you can check out Obermeyer women’s ski jackets that are on sale.

Visit Thrift Stores
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There are plenty of good finds in thrift stores. The beauty of thrift shops is that you are given a chance to buy unique styles of clothing at a much lower price. From vintage to unusual patterns, there are a lot of clothes that you would love. You only need to be patient enough to go over piles and racks of clothing.

And contrary to popular belief, thrift stores do not sell worn-down clothes. The clothes here are in good condition. If you visit these types of stores, you will find that most clothes actually have never been worn, with their tags still attached. So, it is really a win-win situation.

Since we are on the subject of consignment shops and thrift stores, you can also pack up clothes that you no longer wear and take them to the store with you. Some managers or owners will be willing to give you a generous discount for the goods that you trade-in.

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