Encourage Your Kids to Stay Physically Active in Five Ways

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Children often have tons of energy to spare. This is why parents of kids under five years old usually don’t have a problem with keeping them active. However, as they grow older, they no longer get enough exercise

Kids nowadays enjoy their leisure time by playing on their gadgets. Some spend hours playing video games. Others choose to watch their favorite shows on TV or online. This can lead to poor posture, feelings of depression or anxiety, social issues, obesity, and other health issues. If this dilemma seems familiar, then you can use some tips to motivate your child to exercise more. Here are some ways you can get your kids to stay active:

Introduce them to an outdoor sport

One excellent form of exercise is rugby. This is an outdoor sport that can help your child stay physically active and healthy. They can boost their confidence to learn social skills and even improve other physical skills. These include strength, flexibility, and endurance. You can start by letting them watch a fun rugby game and by reading an online rugby magazine.

Start a wellness culture back home

Serving your family with healthy meals is just the first step in creating a wellness culture back home. Parents should also learn how to be an excellent example for their kids when it comes to fitness. If your kids see you exercising and you tell them the benefits of this, they will also be motivated to do the same. Involve all family members in physical activity. Let them embrace staying active as a lifestyle, not as a form of punishment.

Give them gifts that will motivate them to keep moving

Are they a fan of gadgets and video games? Why not give them something else to play with that will motivate them to stay active? You can choose to buy rollers skates, a bike, or even a jump rope. One can also try fitness-based games. While these are still video games, they are better as they help promote physical activity.

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Encourage them to use exercise as a form of transportation

Are you always driving your kids to and from your destination? Why not make simple adjustments and teach them to use exercise as their mode of transportation? Instead of dropping them by the park for a playdate, let them roller-skate to reach their destination. If school is only a few minutes walk away, encourage them to use their bikes. Instead of escalators or elevators, take the stairs instead.

Plan fun activities when going on a trip

If your family loves going on a trip during holidays, use this opportunity to make your kids work out. Plan fun activities they will love and enjoy doing, such as swimming, camping, and hiking. Choose hotspots known to be safe for kids. You can also choose to visit a place that offers an obstacle course area for kids. However you choose to travel, there are tons of ways to make kids exercise while on vacation.

A lack of exercise is not only a problem among adults. Kids have this problem, too. Don’t let your child suffer from the health risks that come with physical inactivity. Motivate them to get up, start, moving, and reap the rewards of a physically active life. Keep this list in mind, and you’ll have them enjoying exercise in no time.

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