The Best Way to Enjoy Winter Sports at Lake Tahoe

winter sports

When the temperatures drop, Lake Tahoe becomes a hub for winter sports. From skiing to snowboarding, ice skating to tobogganing- there are so many fun activities that you can do in the snow! There are also some tips and tricks that will ensure your safety while out on these adventures.

Lake Tahoe can seem daunting for those not familiar with winter sports. We’ve compiled five tips to help you get started with some of our beginner-level outdoor activities. You’ll find it easy to get started on your Lake Tahoe adventure. But with some luck and determination, you will soon be a pro at climbing the mountain. Half the fun is getting there, so make sure that the wheels, engine, and brake parts of your 4WD Subaru are in good condition.

1. Enjoy walking in the snow with specialized shoes

Although snowboarding and skiing are North Lake Tahoe’s most popular outdoor recreation options, they’re not the only way. Snowshoeing is a great way to explore the area if you don’t want to take it to the slopes.

You can make this a fun and easy activity by wearing a pair of special shoes that evenly distribute your weight across the snow. This helps you maintain your balance and allows you to explore Lake Tahoe’s surroundings. You can explore the area with snowshoes, and many vendors offer rentals or guided tours.

2. Ride a bike in the snow

You can ride a bicycle at North Lake Tahoe if you can ride one. It might not be the same as what you are used to. This is snow biking or fat tire.

Fat-tire biking is similar to snowshoeing. Your bicycle tires stay on top of the snow using expanded weight distribution. You can glide over fresh powder with mountain bikes equipped with jumbo tires. This allows you to zip across snowpack areas that may otherwise be difficult to navigate.


3. Learn to ski

Skiing and snowboarding can be intimidating for beginners. Although we wouldn’t recommend anyone just putting on skis and riding a lift to figure it all out, we encourage anyone who has the interest to give it a shot. We believe that it is never too late to learn something new, especially skiing. Many vendors in the Tahoe region are happy to offer private and group lessons for beginners.

These lessons will teach you how to select the right gear and adjust your straps to fit your style of skiing (Nordic cross-country, alpine, and alpine). You’ll also learn what mistakes to avoid when you hit the mountains powder. You don’t have to be hesitant about committing to skis. You can rent ski and snowboard equipment throughout the region, so you have a chance to get used to the sport before buying your own.

4. Snow play is available to all

You’re in luck if downhill skiing or any other intense exercise in the snow is not what you’re looking to do, but you still want the thrill of the powder. Powder play is easy, fun, and accessible in many ways.

We recommend that you strap into a sled or hop onto an inflatable tube to experience a thrilling downhill slide. This is a fun and easy snow play experience. Ice skating, which is more active than you might think, is an excellent option. Some people enjoy sipping hot chocolate while gliding around the rink.

Click here to learn more about sledding and tubing, as well as ice skating.

5. Be safe and know your rights

As you travel through our mountain paradise, safety is paramount. We want everyone to have a great time in the area. You must follow certain safety guidelines when you are outdoors at North Lake Tahoe.

  1. It is crucial to travel with a friend and let your family and friends know about your plans.
  2. If a qualified and experienced expert does not accompany you, avoid the backcountry.
  3. Hire tour guides to show you the local area so that you can take advantage of their knowledge.
  4. Always wear and carry the appropriate gear.
  5. Be aware of emergency contacts in your area.
  6. Respect local health policies such as wearing masks and staying away to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

There are many things to do at Lake Tahoe during the winter months, and it’s not just skiing. You can find snowshoeing, snowmobiling, ice skating, and sledding on many mountain trails running through this gorgeous Sierra Nevada town. If you’re looking for a change from your typical winter vacation spot or want to try something new without having to travel far away from home, consider booking a trip with us.

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