For Your Next Extreme Adventure: 3 of the Best Adventure Cars

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There’s a lot of excitement when it comes to going on an adventure trip. The fact that you’re finally going even gives you the shivers. It’s just overwhelming to contain all the anticipation and enthusiasm.

When the pandemic struck, everybody had to postpone their trips. And now that states are opening up, it’s time to go on an adventure. You’ll finally get the adrenaline rush of preparing for the journey again.

Exploring the great outdoors is an exciting way to practice social distancing. But first, you need a vehicle that can handle the level of adventure you’re about to take. You need to be ready for the unexpected obstacles you’ll be facing ahead. Besides, it might be overkill to have the equipment for rock crawling when you’re only exploring remote dirt roads. You should get the right kind of adventure car for what lies ahead.

The Importance of Having the Right Adventure Car

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Adventurers like you are always prepared to tackle whatever mother nature throws your way. This demands a vehicle that can match your appetite for the outdoors.

According to Car and Driver magazine, to explore the great outdoors, you’ll need a vehicle that drives smoothly on the highway but is capable of journeying across uneven terrain. It should be ready to face wicked weather elements. It should have a large storage capacity and a firm grip on both gravel and dirt roads. Most importantly, however, it should be practical.

Today, many outdoor enthusiasts are your average Joe who just wants to spend an exciting weekend with the family before facing stressful work for another week. If you’re one, too, then your weekend adventure vehicle is also your daily driver. As such, it must also be safe and comfortable.

Some of the best vehicles that can fit all these criteria are modern SUVs and modern crossovers. They’re all-around, but a select few are more suited for off-road adventures.

You can buy a brand-new or second-hand car. If you choose the latter, it’s crucial to inspect the car thoroughly and check whether it has a lost vehicle title.

Find out below what the select few are that you can take on your next extreme adventure.

Mini Cooper S Countryman ALL 4

This Mini Cooper crossover is not mini as many might think. It’s more spacious than anybody would expect—accommodating full six-footers at the backseat. It’s the biggest Mini yet, according to Car and Driver.

The Countryman is a compact crossover sports activity vehicle (SAV) from BMW. It is a partially hybrid vehicle, having both a gasoline engine and an electric motor with a battery system. It’s a great choice if you want to gain more mileage while reaping the benefits of using a sustainable car.

While all seats can be moved individually, rear seats have a cargo area behind them, providing more space for its owner. And unlike conventional vehicles that have front seats that can be slid laterally, the rear seats on this one can be moved the same way, too. It’s a choice between providing more legroom for passengers at the back or more storage space for your gear.

Considering the Mini Cooper line is owned by BMW, the Countryman has a BMW-built engine under its hood. This provides a range of driving modes that you can select from. If you’re on a curvy road, you can set it to Sport mode. If you’re on a highway, you can choose its Eco mode.

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

The Volkswagen Golf Alltrack compact SUV was actually discontinued in the US after its last 2019 model was released in the country. However, according to Car and Driver, this move was a disappointment considering the car’s performance in the great outdoors. Still, if you can get your hands on one of these, that’ll make your adventures more enjoyable.

Unlike other compact SUVs of its generation, the Golf Alltrack is lighter, enabling its driver to steer more sharply when snaking through mountainous roads. It provides the right torque during steep climbs because of its six-speed dual-clutch A/T transmission and 1.8-liter engine. It also offers a 4WD setting, making it the perfect vehicle on snowy or muddy roads.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk

Up on the scale, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk is bigger than the first two on this list. Plus, it has all the cargo space you’ll need to stow away your gear.

According to Outside magazine, the Trailhawk is Jeep’s answer to the rough and tumble game of the SUV market. Whereas Jeep used to prioritize comfort provided by SUVs, they steered away from that goal and developed an SUV with a true low range 4WD used to help drivers traverse off-roads and challenging road conditions.

The Trailhawk is great for rock crawling adventures. It can crawl over any rocky terrain with its locking rear differential mechanism and 8.7 inches ground clearance. It’s the perfect SUV if you want a ride that can drive on any surface. If you get into sticky situations, the Trailhawk also has skid plates and tow hooks that can help you get out.

You and Your Car

Going on an adventure means you should be prepared, and that also requires the right vehicle for your trip. Consider the cars above or let them give you an idea of what kind of car to get for your next adventure.

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