Travel Destinations that Are Not for the Faint of Heart

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Engaging in thrilling activities can set your blood pumping double-time. This is what exactly adrenaline seekers look for when searching for their next adventures. The activities you have in your travels take up a significant portion of making your trips memorable. You have to carefully choose what experiences you want to add to your books.

You might yearn to focus more on experience instead of the sights. Combine the two and make the most out of your solo escapes by trying out the ones below.

Be Chummy with Crocodiles

Underwater scenes will always be mesmerising, no matter the animals you come in contact with. But since the purpose of your travel is to get your dose of the adrenaline rush, you should spice it up with a bit of risk.

Cage diving in shark or crocodile-infested waters is one of the most sought-after adventures on the coasts of Australia. If this appeals to you, you can start planning your trip in the country down under.

Go on a Marathon in Antarctica

When you think of Antarctica, the first thing that comes to mind is the freezing weather, making it logical to keep yourself as warm as possible if you ever choose this as a travel destination.

For daredevils, though warming themselves with a mug of hot cocoa is not the definition of exciting, what can be, though, is the Antarctic Ice Marathon held every December. If you can withstand the cold weather and if you’re an athlete to boot, this is one event you might want to try.

Dive from the Earth’s Highest Point

road between mountains
Road between Mountains

Over the years, plenty of people have attempted and succeeded in climbing Mount Everest. The world’s tallest point stands at 29,000 feet, making it a challenging climb even for seasoned mountaineers since it also comes with steep and rocky trails and freezing temperatures.

But if this is what you find most exciting, you can make your climb even more thrilling by descending from Everest via paraglide. Not only can paragliding save you from the exhaustion of tracing back your steps. You can also get to take in a breathtaking view while you’re up in the clouds.

Explore Blue Holes

Contrary to its attractive name, blue holes can be daunting seascapes, given that you can take what it’s called quite literally. Blue holes are sinkholes in the ocean that stretch for hundreds of feet deep, enveloping divers in nothing but dense blue shades and eventually darker surroundings.

For people who love diving, visiting the world’s deepest blue hole, the Dragon Hole in the South China Sea is one of the locations on their bucket list. Going on a dive in blue holes comes with plenty of risks which is often the case with deep underwater points. It’s best to equip yourself with proper diving gear should you decide to give this a try.

Visit the World’s Richest Ocean Habitat

A direct contrast to blue holes, the Great Barrier Reef, on the other hand, is brimming with ocean life, giving you a view of spectacular colours on corals and sea creatures. Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities for tourists visiting the reef.

However, you can also choose to rent a boat for a birthday cruise where you can spend your or your loved one’s special day amidst such incredible scenery. Aside from witnessing magnificent underwater sights, various islands also surround the reef where you can relax or explore.

Go on the World’s Riskiest Walk

In El Caminito del Rey, Spain, there’s an old path dubbed as the “walkway of death.” So if that’s not thrilling enough for you, nothing else will. The course is only a meter wide but a hundred meters high, with a river underneath, offering you a chance to spruce up your plain outdoor strolls with a bit of danger.

Again, like the other destinations on the list, though this place comes with a fence to keep guests from falling over, it’s still perilous. It’s best to think twice before embarking on the adventure.

Brave the World’s Longest Zip Line

Most of the zip lines you have probably ridden are short ones, that before you knew it, the ride is already over with you screaming most of the time. Apart from the thrill, zip lines also let you feast your eyes on jaw-dropping sights. You have to take on a calm demeanour to appreciate it fully.

By trying the world’s longest zip line in UAE, which spans 1.76 miles, you can take your time screaming while still having plenty of moments to relish the beautiful views of rocky landscapes.

When you travel, you have to do at least one memorable activity to embed the trip in your mind permanently. By engaging in adrenaline rush activities, you get more from your trips aside from the astonishing views.

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