The Ultimate Packing List for Traveling Solo

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It has been almost two years since the pandemic started, and it has affected everyone mentally. Travel bans and pandemic travel restrictions have been imposed for months, but leisure travel is gradually being accepted again to some countries thanks to the vaccine.

Many people are planning to travel soon for just a quick escape from all that has happened. And a good way to treat yourself is to take a trip solo. Anyone who travels a lot says that you should take a trip solo at least once in your lifetime to take it all in by yourself. Sure, it’s fun to be with your family and friends, making memories together but going on a vacation alone can be a memorable experience.

Benefits of traveling solo

Solo trips give you freedom in terms of your itinerary and time. You won’t have to adjust to anyone and can go whenever you want to your desired tourist spots. You can also focus on yourself and slow down and take in the scenery, embrace your destination, and have the time to know yourself more intimately.

There will also be moments that you can step outside of your comfort zone by meeting new people, learning culture, and dealing with some problems by yourself, making you less likely to feel stressed.

Essentials to pack

There are many things to pack when going on a solo trip. The ones that you should never forget are your passport, travel paperwork like travel insurance, hotel and flight confirmation, some cash, credit card, toiletries, and gadgets like your phone and a camera.

But there are also things to consider that will be much useful during your travel. Here are some:

1. Comfortable Footwear

Foot comfort is one of the essentials for a relaxing and happy trip. Shoes made from cheap materials can easily break and ruin your travel experience. Splurge on a pair of shoes fit for long hours of walking, something that has a thick exterior but with cushioned soles that will relax your feet.

2. Waterproof Jacket

A high-quality waterproof jacket can be the best way to provide you protection against rain, strong wind, and snow since they have a thermal insulated coating underneath. Your destination spot doesn’t need to have snow nor rainy days for you to bring a waterproof jacket. This can also be useful for walks, hikes, climbs, and other outdoor activities.

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3. Anti-theft Backpack

There is sometimes no way to avoid pickpockets in other areas, and backpacks can be an invitation. Thieves even resort to bag slashing, which is common in some European and southeast Asian tourist destinations. If you don’t want to get stressed out with worrying about your things, an anti-theft backpack with wire mesh embedded inside is the perfect way to secure your valuables.

4. Portable Power Bank

You should always have a fully charged phone when you travel alone for emergency purposes or any time that you may need your mobile device. It is not guaranteed that there will be a working electrical outlet. You might also be stuck outside for hours, and you’ll constantly be using your mobile device to take pictures, use maps, and research for tourist spots. Fully charged portable power banks are the way to go for a viable backup when an emergency happens.

5. First Aid Kit

Medical care can be quite challenging for some countries; hence, it is best to bring a first aid kit with all the essentials to manage your basic health problems and common medical emergencies.

It is also advisable to do a checkup to help find potential health issues before your trips like gout attacks, allergies, and the like. Be sure that your blood sugar level is normal and your uric acid level isn’t high, leading to kidney disease, gout, and bone damage. Eat proper food and drink plenty of water to avoid such things. You can also take supplements to lower your uric acid. While traveling, make sure to pack your prescription medicine and vitamins.

6. Ready-to-eat food

Bringing some biscuits, packed noodles, bread, and a bottle of water won’t hurt your luggage. There might be delays with your flight and car rental. Sometimes there’s heavy traffic on the way to your hotel. Restaurants and convenience stores may not be accessible at times, so your tummy will thank you when you get hungry on the trip.

With traveling solo, you can have more time to focus on yourself and breathe in the surroundings. You also have the luxury of changing plans at the last minute. Planning to travel solo seems overwhelming, but it’s an experience you need to have in your lifetime.

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