Kids’ Fitness and Sports Programs Fitness Franchisees Could Offer

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Investors who are thinking about grabbing kids’ fitness business franchise opportunities should strongly consider offering fitness and sports programs that are specifically geared towards young children and adolescents.   These days, more parents are enrolling their kids in fitness and sports clinics that offer different disciplines, such as basketball and swimming, as well as rudimentary running, climbing and tumbling. Parents hope that by doing so, their children could grow up to become athletic, healthy, and with a commendable sense of responsibility and discipline in them.

If you already own a kids’ fitness franchise or you’re just planning to get one, be sure to include these programs in your list (according to age):

Kids 2-5 years old

This specific age range includes toddlers and pre-school kids who are in the developing stages of their motor and cognitive skills. During such an age bracket, they should be exposed to rudimentary fitness and sports activities that gradually enhance such skills. Consider offering the following programs to kids belonging to this age bracket:

  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Using playground equipment
  • Jumping, hopping, and skipping
  • Tumbling

Kids 6-9 years old

Kids belonging to this age bracket have better motor, visual, and cognitive skills and can thus participate in more advanced physical activities. They can engage in team sports and individual sports alike where following directions is a necessary skill. These are some of the best programs that are appropriate for this age range:

  • Swimming
  • Softball/baseball
  • Karate, judo, and other forms of martial arts
  • Gymnastics
  • Winter sports such as skiing and ice skating
  • Soccer

Kids 10-12 years old

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It is during this age bracket that kids have greatly enhanced their motor skills, decision-making, and cognitive abilities. With this, they can participate in more demanding fitness and sports programs that are guaranteed to give them a fun experience. Be sure to add these programs in your list of activities:

  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Golf

Benefits of fitness and sports programs to kids

Now, let’s say a parent asks you about the potential benefits of enrolling his or her kids in your fitness and sports programs, do you know how to answer that? Well, you most likely know the answer but these ideas might add to what you already know about the benefits of a sports fitness program:

  • Improves self-esteem
  • Develops critical thinking abilities
  • Improves discipline and sense of responsibility
  • Improves physical strength
  • Develops a sense of discernment (like what is right and what is wrong)

Remember that it is critical for you to properly explain these things to both the parents and their kids. By letting them realize the good results of engaging in fitness and sports activities, both of them would have a better understanding and appreciation of the programs that you offer. It’s not enough that you succeed in getting them to sign-up for the programs that you offer; what’s more important is for them to fully appreciate the reason why the kids are getting involved in fitness and sports activities.

With these things in mind, be sure to develop a set of programs that is appropriate and would offer the best benefits to kids regardless of their age.

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