The Most Extravagant Features For Your Dream House


To live in extreme luxury is such a dream. Imagine owning a mansion with a massive garage, swimming pool, landscaped garden, and a sprawling deck — a palatial estate that you can only dream about before. Inside, your walk-in closet can pass as a boutique and your home theater has plush seats that can lull you to sleep. With these things around you, you don’t have to leave the house anymore because everything you need is within reach. Life really couldn’t get better.

But these lavish home features seem to be just the tip of the iceberg for some super-rich and famous people. If you’ve just found yourself gawking at that, prepare to clench your jaws because the following extravagant home features will certainly level up your dream house game.

1. Bowling Alley

A residential bowling alley isn’t totally a new concept, but it never ceases to amaze people regardless. American country music singer James Aldean is living the dream in his $7.8 million mansion that boasts of a fully detached bowling alley. If you have a knack or interest in the indoor sport, then you might as well save up for a sleek design for your home bowling alley. You’d surely thrill and astonish all your guests, too, not to mention provide them with extra entertainment.

2. Wellness Center

Who wouldn’t want their own wellness center at home? A fully-equipped gym, yoga studio, sauna, Jacuzzi, and beauty salon with all kinds of services. These are what an estate in Bel-Air Country Club in L.A. offers. And that’s not all yet — you will also find an exercise pool in the mansion that actually acts as a water-treadmill. Isn’t that fascinating?

3. Cinema

A home theater with a 90-inch TV and plush recliners is one thing, but a fully-functioning cinema with actual cinema seats and a cinema screen is another one to a whole new level. Kelly Clarkson and Kenny Rogers can relate 100%, and they won’t ever leave the house again to see a movie. Save up for an everyday luxurious experience like this, and make the movies come to you instead of the other way around.

4. Treehouse

As kids, we’ve surely fantasized at one point about living on a treehouse. You’re lucky if you actually experienced it. But as an adult, do you still dream of the same thing? Brian Kelley seems to do so. His home by the woods has an amazing treehouse studio that the child in you will surely go crazy over. With this in your home, your childhood fantasies will be a reality and more opulent and convenient because it’s the size of a small apartment.

5. Auto Showroom

auto showroom

For auto aficionados, their dream home has to have a feature where they can show off their vast collection. A $3.4 million property in Lake Point Tower in Chicago has exactly that, measuring 2,714 square feet and can house up to 12 cars. But if you wish to take it up a notch, use an $18 million estate in Fairfield, CA as your inspiration; the massive garage extends to a maintenance bay, an antique gas station, and a 50’s style diner. Now, that’s all of an auto aficionado’s dream in one place.

Surely, these five incredible home amenities have just inspired you to dream bigger and higher. As they say, you need to work hard and play harder, so keep on working until you can afford these luxuries.

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